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Hotel Miami, Via Nazionale 230 -00184 Roma Italia
Tel.+39 064817180 r.a. Fax +39 06484562-

Via Nazionale is the main avenue of the City Center.

The homes of the noble Romans were situated here during the Imperial times. The main historical sites of the city are only few steps away from the hotel Getting to town from the Leonardo da Vinci airport (Fiumicino) When arriving Rome, at the "Leonardo da Vinci" airport in Fiumicino, a little town by the seaside, 20 km. (12.5 miles) west of Rome, there are two possibilities of transportation taxi or train.

By Taxi

When outside the customs you are in the main arrival lobby. Follow the arrows and signs to the taxi station, located on the terminal forecourt, which is outside and at the same floor of the check out area. You have to queve sometimes, but it is always a fast procedure. The average fare for a taxi ride to the centre of Rome is about 50 Euro (approx. 45$ US). If you have many suitcases a fee will be charged to you in addition to the meter fare in the range Make sure that the taxi is an official one, and beware of nonofficial taxies or drivers that with various excuses (nicer car, executive service, limousine car) or simply taking advantage of the fact that you ignore the real transfer cost, are able to dry out the cash in your wallet and charge you up to 300 Euro or more (approx. 250$ US). These companies basically offer a rental car service with a driver from the airport to downtown. Anyway, if you for any reason are not able to find a regular yellow or white taxi, make sure that you agree the price without any possibility of misunderstanding before accepting the service (i.g. require a transportation voucher with the company details and the services included in the fare).

By Train

From the lobby, which is located on the 1° floor, look for the signs to the train station. You cannot miss it, elevators and moving walkways will bring you there. You are not allowed to put trolleys with luggage on the walkways, but you can roll them along the corridors next to them. Once you get at the Terminal take the train to Stazione Termini and it takes only 30 minutes to get into Rome. The ticket cost 9 Euro (approx. 8.00$ US) and can be purchased at automatic vending machines or news stands and at train ticket counters. From the train station you can easily reach the Hotel Miami with a 10 minutes walk, or with a taxi (cost 8/10 Euro approx. 8.00$ US) or with bus n°64.

Getting in town by car

We use to say that "All roads lead to Rome" After having left the highway follows the sign to GRA ( the ring road that circles Rome). The direction you take on the GRA depends on where you are coming from Coming from North: get off the GRA at exit Salaria ( towards the center) and follow signs to city centre. Coming from South: get off the GRA at take exit Appio S.Giovanni and follow signs to city centre. Coming from West: get off the GRA at exit Aurelia and follow signs to city centre. Coming from East: get off the GRA at exit Tiburtina and follow signs to city centre. A map of the city would then be very useful. You can purchase one at any newspaper kiosk. Do not panic if you miss the correct exit, be aware that any other exit toward the center will bring you down town.


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